• Is this What Happened to Darth Vader :: Online Dating?

    Joanna Greece Selfie

    I’ve been busy. Not only was I in Europe for some of the fall but life has been hectic since I returned. I’ll spare you the details but will tell you that, despite my last failed attempt to do so,  I decided to join an online dating site back in October. It quickly turned into a part time job. I could // Read more Read more…

  • Match.com – The worst wingman

    It's not me. It's the mattress.

    The other day I decided to peruse match.com, looking at all the pictures of people that met my search requirements as I thought about joining. I took a peek at their profiles, not to get to know them better but to get an idea of the questions I would have to answer if I ever set up a profile. I // Read more Read more…

  • The Little Things


        when someone brushes your hair back from your eyes absently as they are talking to you finding an entire album that you can listen to without skipping tracks (Massive Attack “Mezzanine”) getting off a plane at the airport and your someone is waiting for you, beaming getting the messy bun right the first time making eye contact that inexplicably // Read more Read more…

  • Is This a Date?

    One Eyed Wonder. That I don't care about. yet.

    Frustrated. That word neatly sums up my dating life lately. Agitated. That word neatly sums up my physical relationships lately, as in there isn’t one. Confused. That word sums up how I have been feeling lately. Frustrated What is the deal with dating these days? Do you know how many times I’ve been out and I’ve asked myself is this // Read more Read more…

  • 12 Things I want Right Now

    Almost peeing myself in Mallorca 2010

    1. The ability to conjure up more than a list. It seems spring has pulled my ability to write further from me with each additional minute of daylight. 2. To be pulled in close for a kiss. A perfect kiss. A nice, lovely, perfect kiss. 3. To remind you guys of this guy from the beach in Mykonos. Not the // Read more Read more…


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