• Falling in Love (or how I know I am a genius part 3)

    I bet he can hear my lungs working in here, helping me to breathe. Also, jesus Joanna, If you aren't going to pee, get off the toilet before a fart slips out!

    Part 1 here // Part 2 here We get to his place. The decor was something between a bachelor pad and grown mans place. He has mix-matched beat up furniture, likely from his college days. It includes a brown sofa that was way too large for the space and chairs that could easily be part of an outdoor patio set. The flip // Read more Read more…

  • Falling in Love (or How I know I am a genius) (part 2)

    Notice how my bra and jello match?

    Part 1 located here —-> Falling in Love (or How I know I am a genius) (part 1) I arrived at the first workshop at 10am, ready for them to be over before they even started. I just had to get to 5pm when they both wrapped up. I put my mind to doing the workshops and not watching the // Read more Read more…

  • Damn Baby!

    Damn Baby!

    You know that feeling. Your heart thumps more rapidly as you quicken your pace. You feel that it is getting difficult to swallow past the lump of fear growing in your throat. You wonder how it is going to end and what you can possibly do to MAKE it end or at least be less afraid. Street Harassment. This happened yesterday // Read more Read more…

  • Falling in Love (or How I know I am a genius) (part 1)

    I never actually talk on the phone. This must have been a very very serious conversation I was having.

    A year ago I was just starting to date someone I met from OkCupid. It was my first attempt at dating in over 14 months. If you don’t already know, I had one of those breakups that rips your chest open, grips your heart, and chokes the life from it. But, here’s the thing, it wasn’t the first breakup like // Read more Read more…

  • Pavlov’s Dog


    An excerpt from Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert: “The Indians around here tell a cautionary fable about a great saint who was always surrounded in his Ashram by loyal devotees. For hours a day, the saint and his followers would meditate on God. The only problem was that the saint had a young cat, an annoying creature, who used to // Read more Read more…


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