Hi. I am Joanna Tiger. In case the huge header at the top of this page caused you some confusion. I used to live in Washington, DC but I got super tired of talking politics with my big political brain, so I’ve moved to New York City.  I am an improviser. I am also a small business owner. I travel a lot. I like to draw badly for the blog post that I write. I am also crazy strong. I can deadlift a lot in the gym and slip a chokehold on my guy pretty easily. When I am dead and gone I hope that people say I had great hair. I hope they use words like fearless to describe me. What they will probably say instead? “Joanna who?” That’s why I have that huge header on the top of this page. Take notice of my hair.

You can find information about my improv troupes & performances by following me on facebook.

Here is a picture of a llama, just for you. Also, I like your shoes.